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About the years 2002/2003 the PIZZA CONE was first mentioned in fast foods. It is an innovatory product that caught the attention of many restaurateurs and became quickly well know worldwide. The PIZZA CONE introduces indeed a new way of tasting the food – THE PIZZA – representing the MADE IN ITALY all over the world, that means a new handy
 way of eating a fanciful snack at lunch keeping your hands clean and walking outside with no need to sit down.
p-cono-p1In other words it is a very good alternative to the pizza by the slice, a regular takeaway food but not very handy to eat while walking. It is savory and crisp. It remains warm till the last piece and is loved both by grown-ups and children.
Since its launch on the market this product has been a great success and quickly spread all over Italy and abroad.
Noticing in these years the appeal of this new project by restaurateurs, from the beginning the HRG SA engaged the target to develop, design and produce new machines of small dimensions able to assure a fresh and daily food production to everyone willing to approach this new project.
Along with the PIZZA CONO project, the HRG SA’s general manager developed a second one creating a new pizza crust. Fast-food restaurateurs are still surprised by his versatile use in the cuisine, although it has been on the market for several years.

OMBRELLINA was studied together with the cone but was introduced for the first time only in 2008 at the Sigep exhibition in Rimini, being immediately a great success.
PIZZA OMBRELLINA is very loved by the public as an handier way to eat the original pizza than the CONE form.
OMBRELLINA is indeed a flat pizza crust looking like the classic Italian pizza and having however a pasta handle allowing to easily eat while walking.
HRG SA studied for OMBRELLINA too a machine series for preparing or, better said, pre-cooking the product. These machines have small dimensions, are easily conveyable and handy to place into the different restaurant premises since they do not take up much room. Available are also manual-operated machines, both with motorized or automatic gear from 1 to 4 molders.

The PIZZA CONE MACHINE and PIZZA OMBRELLINA projects are a new kind of food business in a dynamic and young successful format. HRG SA propose them to every businessmen with or without previous experience in the food industry.
made of Italian quality products, PIZZA OMBRELLINA and PIZZA CONE are a light and healthy meal based on the natural and tasteful ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine.ombrellina-azienda
It is an easy-to-manage food business making the most out of the potential of the pizza, which is widely steady on the market as unique, well known and worldwide loved symbol of the MADE IN ITALY.

To his customers HRG SA offers qualified assistance and support on the equipments throughout all project steps: from the excellent dough recipe to the cooking of PIZZA CONE and PIZZA OMBRELLINA till the final sauce filling.
Associated with skilled interior designer, HRG SA studies carefully the new locations to give to the restaurant premises an exclusive image and a modern and winning design.
Coupling together HRG SA products with the selling of pasta dishes, salads, snacks, chips, fried food, fruit, desserts and coffee beverages, you will have at disposal both the food tradition and the innovation to please all tastes of a large clientele.  
This represents the HRG SA core concept to renew the pizza idea and its BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.
You can find two strong tendencies inside the food industry: on one side the return to the healthy and traditional food of the common background, on the other side the unstoppable quest for the new. HRG SA combines these two trends thanks to its NEW PIZZA CONE and PIZZA OMBRELLINA projects.




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